Keeper of the Light

When we’d driven just about as far as the blacktop would take us, we found ourselves at what felt like the edge of the world. Surrounded by blue sky and dunes of waving beach grass, the beach stretched before us. The seemingly ancient lighthouse stood tall as gulls circled overhead, their sharp eyes watching for a chance to swoop in and grab the forgotten remnants of a sandwich.

We grabbed towels and blankets and coolers and shovels and buckets and kids and began the slow climb up the impressive dunes. We paused at the top to take in the scene that had been hidden from view just moments before. A wide expanse of sand sloped from dunes to sea. The waves of the ocean looked as if they were in the cooling-off period after an argument. We claimed our spot in the shadow of the lighthouse and throughout the day, I found myself wondering what it would have been like to be a lighthouse keeper…

I suddenly related to this anonymous lighthouse keeper. The early days of motherhood are filled with bottle washing and diaper changing and booboo kissing. The later days are filled with dinner cooking and clothes cleaning and homework helping.

We fall into bed at the end of a day full of repetitive tasks, completely exhausted and counting the minutes before we do it all over again. It can absolutely feel monotonous. It can definitely be isolating. And most often, it feels pretty thankless…

If you can relate at all to these feelings, I invite you to join me over at Atlanta Mom to be encouraged in the midst of this day-to-day, rinse-and-repeat season of motherhood.

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