When We Bloom


Nothing compares to springtime in North Florida. We had the chance to go back to our hometown for a quick visit then, and the timing could not have been more perfect. It seemed as if all the trees and flowers were in full bloom.

One tree, in particular, caught my attention—the dogwood. Dogwoods are beautiful and a popular choice for landscaping. Feeling a tiny bit homesick, I wondered if there was a way to take this bit of Tallahassee back to Atlanta with me. Despite my categorically black thumb, I decided to research where to buy a dogwood and how to move it to my yard.

A quick internet search resulted in dozens of sites teeming with detailed instructions. You have to wait until just the right time of year to plant the sapling. You have to find just the right spot in your yard and prepare the soil. You have to dig a hole just the right size and at just the right depth. You have to spread the roots in just the right way. You have to water it just the right amount.

It was obvious that any dogwood tree coming home with me would be in immediate, mortal danger.

The next afternoon, while driving through my parents’ mostly wooded neighborhood, I spotted glorious white dogwood blossoms through some dense stands of pines and oaks. I had never realized so many dogwoods grow wild just down the street. They completely blend in with all the other trees around them until those few weeks each spring when they explode into bloom.

God used that moment to whisper a sweet encouragement to my heart, and I’d love to pass it along to you…

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