Lessons from the Middle of the Night

“Babe. Wake up.” I shook my husband’s shoulder as he lay sleeping peacefully. “JAKE! Seriously! Get up! We have a gas leak!”

I was sitting straight up in bed staring at the ceiling and walls of our bedroom as they swirled before my eyes. My husband finally rolled over, still half asleep, and looked at me with concern. “Ashley. We don’t even have gas. You’re hallucinating.”

Hmm. That might explain the purple bunny I thought I saw hopping down the hall.

I was five weeks into my second round of motherhood and apparently not handling the sleep deprivation especially well. The two-year-old and the baby seemed to work together as a team to keep us hopping all night. Hooray for sibling bonding!

Fast-forward through seven years of glorious sleep, and despite not growing the third arm I was convinced was necessary for a third baby, we have a precious new lamb. She is nine months old and a firm believer that sleep is for slackers. So while my husband is working night shifts at the hospital, I’m working the night shift at home. Despite the occasional vibrating eyeballs, there have (mercifully) been no more hallucinations.

With or without purple bunnies, I have been learning quite a bit during these countless sleepless nights.

I’d love for you to click through to join us over at The Glorious Table to continue reading about the important life lessons that can be learned in the middle of the night. http://theglorioustable.com/2016/05/lessons-from-the-middle-of-the-night/


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