Family Photos – They DO Get Better!

Yesterday, I really wanted a nice family picture for Easter.

I know, right? Might as well want a unicorn to come trotting up with a leprechaun on its back to lead me to a pot of gold.

CHALLENGE: Get all four hungry-and-tired-after-church family members (one with Benadryl on board) to look at the camera at the same time with a halfway pleasant expression to commemorate the happy holiday.

BONUS: Mama, being great with child, finds one that she is comfortable enough with her own image to share it on Facebook.

I cannot believe it but we actually got one! Okay, so some of the facial expressions weren’t all HappyHappyJoyJoy, but OHMYWORD we’ll take it!!

Family Pic 2015

Yes ma’am! We will take this and run with it. Especially considering we only had 10 minutes of failed attempts before we got one.

Family Pic fail 2015Because let me tell you. This exact same scenario played out four years ago with the following results. Consider it as proof that everything you see on social media is mostly lies.

familypicfail 1 “C’mon, Gracie, just one picture. Please?”

familypicfail 2“Say cheese! Gracie, put your hand down, baby. Caleb, did you close your eyes?”

familypicfail 3“Grace! Come back!!”

familypicfail 4“Ooops. Okay. One more.”

familypicfail 5“Okay, everybody. Here we go. Gracie, put your hand down, baby.”

familypicfail 6“Grace. Sweetheart. Your hand. Caleb, honey, was that the Captain Morgan pose?”

familypicfail 7“Mama, I have to go potty.”

familypicfail 8“Alright, this is gonna be the one! HANDS DOWN! Please?”

familypicfail 9“Caleb, the captain’s back, huh? Gracie, please don’t cry.”

familypicfail 10“Forget it. Who wants cake?”

So. If you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram today and seeing all the precious family portraits being shared and feeling a little disappointed, please keep in mind that reality is SO DIFFERENT than what is being shared on social media.

Also? Give it four to five years and your time spent on failed family photos could be reduced significantly. =)

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